Talking El Nino on Triple R

Tim Norton states that this year they are “predicting that this El Niño period we are heading into now will be one of the worst on record, ever”. He outlines the serious consequences for children who are the most vulnerable in the pacific area making up 30% of the population, and the need for urgent action from Government organisations and the United Nations to combat it.

Full interview available here.

The world’s most vulnerable children need our climate finance

Global agreement on emissions reduction targets and linked-up market mechanisms are vital outcomes of the negotiations in Paris. But viewed through the lens of those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – children in developing countries – equal weight must be placed on urgent and practical interventions to help them survive.

The good news is we already have one mechanism in place to do this: a global climate finance fund. It just needs to be adequately funded. Continue reading The world’s most vulnerable children need our climate finance

Australia must show its support for safe schools

Typically debates about education in Australia revolve around things like teacher-to-student ratios, funding allocations and how to compete better on the world stage. What we don’t expect is that when we pack our kids’ lunches and drop them at the school gates, militia boasting AK 47s will be waiting for them, or that they might never return home because armed conflict reached the schoolyard.

We don’t expect to hear that they’ve been abducted from the very place that’s supposed to be a safe haven. Nor do we expect the army to use schools for military purposes and turn classrooms into military targets to be bombed and shelled. Continue reading Australia must show its support for safe schools

Trading insults: Australia and the TPPA

Free trade: it’s such an innocuous phrase. It sounds like it would open borders, allowing us to buy and sell with the rest of the world, enabling our entrepreneurial spirits to reap the benefits of globalisation. Yet  a global trade deal currently being negotiated, largely behind closed doors, will have wide-reaching impacts on Australia’s cultural and artistic outputs, denigrating the quality and level of Australian content on television screens, in cinemas and on radio stations. Continue reading Trading insults: Australia and the TPPA