This makes me so angry. Look, I know on the surface, this is basically a happy story. A telecommunications company asks its Facebook fans what they could give if they could give anything, and one women says she wishes she could give her son (who has celebral palsy) the freedom that a wheelchair lift in their van would provide. So they gave her the lift.

Great story. But underlying this is a horrifically sad truth – that this women could not afford, and was not given the support she needed, to provide that for her son. Her society did not think her disabled son worthy enough to just say “of course he should have that given to him in order to give him the freedom that we all take for granted.” It took the random act of a corporation who is no doubt enjoying the viral advertising benefit of this story to get that to happen.

Before anyone goes down the path of “it doesn’t matter WHY something was given, it matters that it happened”, think about the fact that the company invested time, effort and money into shooting the video. If their intentions were truly selfless, they wouldn’t need the YouTube clip.

How about we focus on building a support network, a healthcare system, not to mention a societal understanding that this little boy DESERVES to get ‘more’ than the rest of us, because he does not start from the base level of access and freedom that we do.

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